Sunknowledge Recommends Extension of Financial Relief To Providers by Trump Administration

As pandemic COVID-19 intensifies, the healthcare system already has been under tremendous pressure. The CMS earlier expanded the bandwidth of telemedicine services and with the present announcement under Advanced and Accelerated payment program, CMS is actually trying to financial relief to the providers, who are already facing huge challenges.

There have been delays with non-essential surgeries and procedures due to instructions and the present decision is going to encourage providers to take necessary measures to check the medical billing disruptions.

Accelerated and advanced Medicare payments provides the emergency funding and addresses the issues of cash flow based on historic payments when there is claims submission or processing. Sunknowledge strongly believes that such measures will be helping providers extend relief and improve patient provider experience.

Leverage the Sunknowledge extends complete Medical Billing & Telemedicine

Working as a dedicated operational arm for some of the leading clients in the healthcare space, Sunknowledge delivers actionable solutions in pre and post billing services. We offer dedicated support, offer expertise across all major billing systems and provide support activities and a perfect back up for any operational stand still. You might be experiencing:
1. Shortage of staffs due to outbreak of any pandemic
2. Lack of staffs due to high employment rates
3. Resource migration to meet project deadlines

Sunknowledge Services Inc offers a perfect back-up plan for hassle free operations, setting benchmarks and offer comprehensive RCM solutions that helps you improve your cash flow.
Key reasons to choose us as your medical billing services partner:
♦ We charge only $7 per hour per FTE (Lower than minimum wages)
♦ No write offs or adjustment on claims without your consent
♦ Dedicated account managers providing you end to end support
♦ Customized reporting meeting your specific needs
♦ 100’s of references from leading clients in the healthcare space

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