Sunknowledge Drives Consistency in Dr Office DME Prescription Follow-up

Documentation requirements for a lot of DME items are increasing with time. It is true that DME requests can be time consuming in many ways for physician practices. Many physicians cannot determine whether an authorization request was initiated by his patient or by the company who wants the physician to authorize the same on the patient’s behalf.

  • The query for authorization sets off a chain of checks and cross checks for a physician practice. The primary challenge for a primary care physician with this time of work is that it increases the burden of work substantially.
  • The most common scenario is when they get an order for an item which is relatively inexpensive and are faced with the problem to determine how much staff time should be invested in medical need assessment. Sometimes the patient might have requested it while there are times when a patient may not know anything about it!

All of this becomes a difficult task for any physician who is running short of staffs at his practice. Creating a back and forth mechanism of information sharing with Dr Office Follow-up is critical. A reliable vendor that knows in and out of handling DME billing mandates of their clients can be a blessing in disguise.

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr. (all inclusive)*.

Worry less with Sunknowledge by your side

As a pioneer in healthcare revenue cycle management services, Sunknowledge understands your practice management challenges in the present day. We are aware that Dr Office Follow-up with DME prescription is a tedious job and needs specialized intervention. Our team will do it all by implementing the right checks and balances in managing your front end functions.

  • Appointment Set up for initial visit: Sunknowledge Services Inc will be setting up the appointment for initial visit between the patient and the provider for any DME service requirement with effective follow up.
  • Eligibility Verification and Authorization Checks: After the initial appointment for the requirement of DME service, Sunknowledge Services Inc will evaluate the visit report, allocate and assign the proper LC codes and create Notes/ Evaluation form and other Medical Records. All the checking of patient benefits is done at this stage.
  • Doctor’s office Follow Up : Our team does all the heavy lifting job with an effective follow up with the doctor’s office for any pending or written order/DME prescription as well as verification form that might be needed for checking and claims submission.
  • Prior Auth referral initiation and follow up: Sunknowledge takes care of the creation of the authorization form, follow ups with the payers on the referral status, completion of authorization form based on the request outcome.
  • Demographic Intake and Order Entry: For a clean claim demographic information is to be entered in the system correctly. After the demographic entry, patient account creation, prescription information entry is managed by our team.
  • Claims Submission: Our team does it all by submitting claims on time, creating the right process to implement the right checks and balance in your claims submission process. We follow up with the payers and make sure if the submission is done as per insurance mandates.

If you are looking for a decisive partner that can deliver actionable support in Dr Office DME prescription Follow up at just $7 per hour, Sunknowledge is your ideal partner. We will make sure that all your reimbursements are managed by the best across our industry. Speak to our experts for a decisive demonstration

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