One of the pillars of healthcare billing is accuracy. It is of supreme importance to not just be accurate and precise while filling out patient details, checking insurance eligibility, and using the right codes while billing, but also in being, and staying, compliant with the various protocols, norms and regulations of different Payers.

In this context, the task of reviewing various medical documents has emerged as a formal discipline in its own right. In the healthcare sector, it is often termed as ‘document review’ or ‘document verification’. And nowhere is its importance more strongly felt than in the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) or HME (Home Medical Equipment) sector.

At Sunknowledge, we bring with us over 16 years of experience in managing the revenue cycles of DME/HME providers and prescribers across the US. Already a well-known name in DME billing and serving 3 of the top-10 DME providers in the country, we also provide end-to-end support in DME/HME Document Review services.

Some of the areas where we provide full support include checking and reviewing:

  • Prescription and Medical Necessity
  • Documentation of Patient Information
  • Insurance Verification and Compliance
  • Supplier/Vendor Accreditation and Credentials
  • CMS Compliance
  • Product Documentation
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Compliance with Coding and Regulations
  • Billing and Claims
  • Other Medical Compliance Regulations, and many more.

What makes us unique as a full-service healthcare Revenue Cycle Management company is our long and rich experience in working with some of the major Payers in the US, besides serving hundreds of Providers in more than 30 specialties.


How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

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What are Your Rates?

Sunknowledge has a dedicated model of engagement and we offer our resources at affordable pricing. We offer both pre and post billing support which includes all transition-related expenses as well as with complete account management support. We offer it all at that price!

How Equipped are You With after Sales Support?

We do a lot of other activities and offer niche support with patient calling work and after-sales support. In fact, we have a great track record in working with the best CPAP providers, improving their rate of compliance from 40% to 80%. We know that compliance translates to collections.

Do You Have Expertise in The Software we Use?

We have unique experience in working with all the prominent software used in the HME landscape. Our team has been exceptional in working across client proprietary systems as well. We know it all with practice management systems as a complete RCM company.

Do You Have any Referral Discounts?

As per the Sunknowledge loyalty and benefits program, all our clients can refer us to their contacts and get incredible benefits from our team with our services. Discounts will be approved as per our special concessions.

Do You Work With Start-up HME/DME Billing Companies?

We work with the biggest and the best across the HME Billing industry. Yet, we work with all tier 2 and tier 3 companies including startups in the HME business.

What Assistance Do You Offer in Tracking of Delivery?

Right from creating the sales order, entering the patient demographics, collecting the documents in time from the physicians, checking the eligibility, we do it all till the scheduling of delivery. Yes, we have the mechanism of offering effective tracking during the delivery.

What Will be my Benefit if I Outsource my DME/HME Billing to You?

We promise to reduce your operational costs by almost 80%. Sunknowledge delivers actionable HME billing support and will be working as your operational extension. With us working as your billing partner, you can expect a collection increase by 40% within the first month itself with seamless practice management standards.

How are You With PHI Information?

We adhere to 100% HIPAA compliance and manage PHI information as a complete healthcare RCM destination. Our state of the art processes, robust systems are capable to handle all your PHI information.

How are You With Your Productivity Standards?

We have the highest productivity standards and with our accuracy standards are almost 99.99%. Especially with prominent PMS, we are incredible with our productivity approaches.

How do You adapt to new Technology?

We are open to newer spaces, technology frameworks and are quite advanced when it comes to adoption of new technology. We adapt ourselves as a next gen RCM destination.

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