How Can DME Billing Benefit from Outsourcing

Preliminary Thoughts on Outsourcing DME Billing

For most DME companies, the decision to outsource their billing processes can be a major one. The pros and cons of such a move need to be considered carefully. In most cases, DME practices only stand to gain from expert assistance. This is because DME billing is a complex matter, usually requiring a deeper and more extensive understanding of various medical codes than other specialties, and any amount of dedicated attention that can be given to the process can only help improve its efficiency.

With a view to this, outsourcing DME billing has emerged as a popular choice for thousands of DME providers across the U.S. in the past few years. The decision to outsource, in most of these cases, has produced a beneficial effect on the revenue cycle. Collections have increased, denials have got reduced and huge savings have been achieved in operational expenses. However, the outcome has not been uniform for all those who had chosen to outsource, and this is chiefly due to choosing the wrong billing agency to partner with. Having experience in DME billing matters, as does having proven expertise in the field. DME businesses are therefore well advised to pick such billing service providers who meet both these criteria.

More Benefits of Outsourcing

Many DME providers decide to outsource in order to reduce billing expenses. Many others, to improve collections and make their revenue generation process more efficient. A few more choose to outsource to simply offload their billing liabilities and free their in-house staff so that more important tasks can be pursued. What is important to understand is that these benefits are not exclusive of each other. With a skilled and competent billing partner working on your claims, you can enjoy all these benefits simultaneously.

A word needs to be said in this context about the coding challenges of DME billing. The DME billing process involves coordinating with different parties and requires a deep and thorough understanding of the HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Common System) Level II codes. Each type of equipment has a unique HCPCS Level II code associated with it. The biller should ensure that every applicable item is coded correctly in order to ensure that maximum reimbursement can be secured and there is no loss of revenue. When you engage a professional billing agency, you can stop worrying about coding issues. Dedicated, expert attention means that you get a higher level of billing and coding accuracy, which in turn, leads to fewer denials and improved collections. And these are, as every DME provider will agree, some of the most crucial factors for ensuring sustained profitability.