Dermatology Prior Authorization Services

Dermatology prior authorization services play a crucial role for both dermatologists and their patients. In the US, the medical cost is huge and failure to obtain prior auth can lead to claim denials and out-of-pocket expenses for your patients.

As a dermatologist, you have been dealing with various skin, hair, and finger-related issues like acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, hair issues, fungal infections, etc. And your practice may involve common areas like- topical medications, systemic medications, dermatohistopathology, immunotherapy, phototherapy, laser therapy and surgery which can be quite an expensive process and so this is where practices struggle with prior authorization; as the objective of a pre-auth is to ensure the right selection of drugs with right price and is made and patient safety.

While taking patient care is your priority, you cannot ignore a critical responsibility like prior authorization.

Approximately, 30% of the global population suffers from dermatologic issues. The demand for dermatologic medication has been skyrocketing as the population ages and skin cancer rates increase. Biologics for skin cancer and psoriasis are the key reason behind the huge demand and prices for dermatologic medications. This is exactly where dermatology prior authorization services play a crucial role by keeping the costs in check. Prior authorization is a utilization process that requires healthcare providers to obtain approval from payers before prescribing costly medications like biologics. Unfortunately, obtaining PA is not as easy as it sounds.

Challenges with Prior Authorization for Dermatology Practices-

  • Continued usage of the inefficient and age-old fax-based systems of PA processes and communication often results in approval delay
  • To meet the requirements of the PA cycle, dermatologists use on-formulary medications that are outdated, ineffective, and sometimes even medically inappropriate for patients
  • Lack of a designated contact person from a payer’s side to discuss the exact reasons for prior auth denials
  • Complexities in obtaining approvals to use non-FDA drugs for pediatric patients
  • The shortage of an experienced administrative team that can efficiently manage the increasing volume of prior auth requirement
  • Different payers have different guidelines for the same medical procedure or treatment, resulting in confusion among dermatology practices

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As one of the nation’s best prior authorization for dermatology practices, we know what it takes to streamline the best dermatology prior authorization methodology that can assure prompt first-line PA approvals.

With more than two decades of extensive domain experience, we utilize all the loopholes in payers’ guidelines to receive approvals for prescribed procedures and medications. We always leverage the latest technology to avoid any chance of human error, cut down operational expenses, and give a strong boost to your practice’s overall revenue. Also, our pricing model $7/FTE(no hidden charge and binding contracts) is specially designed to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

Our Dermatology Prior Authorization includes the following steps-

Dermatology Prior Authorization Services

Outsource Dermatology Prior Authorization Services to enjoy the following benefits:

  • We ensure prompt and consistent PA requests
  • The initial PA request is made within the TAT of 15 minutes
  • Our PA services ensure highly improved cash flow for your practice
  • Significantly reduction of operational costs (almost 40%)
  • Maximized reimbursements from payers
  • 80% reduction in current billing costs.
  • We always provision a dedicated Account Manager at no extra charge.
  • Offering flexibility with contracts that come with no binding
  • outstanding references from valued clients.

What makes us stand apart in the Pre-Auth market is our outstanding proficiency in obtaining prior authorization for insurance reimbursement, especially for pseudo-medical products such as Botox, commonly used for cosmetic purposes. While many prior authorization companies find this task to be nearly impossible, we excel in accomplishing it.

So, what are you waiting for? Outsource dermatology prior authorization services to us and enjoy health cash flow from payers, while billing as low as possible to your patients.

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