Infusion Billing Services

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Highest productivity metrics in the industry
$7/Hr Best price in the market
99.9% Accuracy in Prior Authorization
97% Collection from Accounts Receivable
Exceptional Productivity Standard
Dedicated Resources
Brightree, Universal, Caretend, Bonafide and CPR+
Customized Reports
No Binding Contract with 30 days exit clause
$1 Million Liability Insurance Covered
100s of excellent client references including Billion Dollars clients.
100% HIPAA-HITECH Compliance

Just 1.49% or $7/Hr
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We work with all specialties.


    Taking complete responsibility for your infusion billing services so that you can focus more on patient care, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a one-stop billing destination.

    Being a reliable partner for the largest names in the DME, HME, infusion business, our experts have been setting the benchmark by closing all the infusion billing gaps faster and efficiently.

    In fact, with more and a decade of experience and complete understanding of the billing mandates, today our team is versatile across all leading billing practices including Brightree, Universal, Caretend, Bonafide and even CPR+. As we understand the software can significantly reduce the complexities and costs associated with managing injectables, infusions, TPNs and can also help in accurately tracking and growing your revenue.

    Helping you with faster reimbursements our experts extend unparalleled assistance, continuous follow-up eliminating all the unnecessary errors to reduce the chances of rejection and denial of claims

    Pre billing Services

    Order Entry

    Eligibility Verification and Authorization

    Doctor Office Follow-up

    Order Confirmation

    Scheduling of Delivery

    Post Billing Services

    Creation of Claims

    Claims Submission & Rejections

    Cash Posting

    A/R Follow-up

    Rejection & Denial Management


    So, get in touch with us as we can deliver you a complete action plan that not only assist you with seamless billing operation but also can quicken your cash flow like no other.
    We are just a call away!

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