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The allergy and specialty immunology service is a segment that is witnessing serious growth since the last few years. Nearly 50 million people annually are diagnosed with some form of allergy in the US alone. Asthma continues to be a major contributor with 25 million. Hayfever also is something that has affected many more people in recent times, with the sale of allergy supplements constantly on the rise as a possible remedy for the condition.

The majority of these allergies, however, are most likely caused by dust and molds in the home. And, most likely, these can be controlled to some extent by cleaning the house on a regular basis, as well as checking for mold presence by conducting mold toxicity test at home, using the home test kits.

However, talking about billing, it is true that the complex nature of coding and billing is a major setback for providers to secure consistent reimbursements. Billing for allergy services requires effective denial management with an extensive understanding of Payer processes.

Optimized coding for allergy services is the need of the hour! You will need a billing partner that provides quality services that are accurate and delivered on time.

Process Excellence in Eligibility Services for Allergy Billing!

At Sunknowledge, we ensure the right checks & balances!

We are your desired vendor in medical billing, providing end-to-end revenue cycle management, improving business ROI. Our quality processes, along with our competent team of medical billers & coders, ensure the best practices to bring you the maximum revenue. Sunknowledge Services Inc. provides best-in-class benefits-check methods to save both money & time!

Our USP lies in our top-down understanding of insurer guidelines! We are the claims adjudication & credentialing partner of leading TPA’s & Payers of the country. It gives you a profitable financial environment with a dynamic practice management strategy!

The best part of our services lies in our profound vision and expertise to deal with allergy immunotherapy billing. Our customized solutions are geared to minimize rejections and boost collection!

Our Value Proposition!

We are your one-stop shop for

  • 99.9% accurate Prior Authorization services
  • Stepping up collections to 98%
  • Full-service ICD-10 coding
  • Excellent References
  • Dedicated team for effective A/R follow-ups
  • Enhanced payables with process automation
  • Demonstrated expertise in Medicare Allergy coverage
  • 100% HIPAA compliance

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