5 Expert Predictions for 2016 in Medical Billing and Healthcare IT

2016, the year of the U.S. presidential election, has been identified as having  massive potential for refinement in healthcare by industry experts. The wind of change is already blowing across the American healthcare system. A major paradigm shift in the entire healthcare business is in the cards. The pace is projected to pick up this year.

Noted market research firms and domain experts have predicted diversified essentials that will lead the market. Healthcare IT is in the foremost precedence. However, medical billing is also being looked upon as a major game-changer.

Here’s a glimpse of the various insights from the who’s who of U.S. healthcare.

1. Elizabeth Woodcock
Speaker, trainer and author

According to Elizabeth’s calculations, telemedicine will take the precedence in 2016. It will become more accessible to the remote areas. Reimbursement processes for telemedicine will also be simplified. As per the patient’s demand for better ease and automation, there will be a boost in the texting and self-scheduling functionalities.

2. Tom Giannulli
Chief Medical Information Officer at Kareo

As per Tom’s insight, 2016 will be the year of patient care. Remote patient monitoring, telemedicine and the Internet of Things will continue to play a very important role. The key focus of patient care will be:
~ Interactive care
~ Digital interactions of pre and post visits

3. John Lynn
Editor and Founder of HealthcareScene.com

As per John’s prediction, this year will notice a significant shift towards increased acceptance of:
~ Concierge medicine model (retainer medicine) for direct primary care
~ Government programs

4. Betsy Nicoletti
Co-founder of Codapedia.com

According to Betsy’s insights, this year will witness an increased implementation of Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), an important program that encourages individual eligible professionals (EPs) and group practices to report information on the quality of care to Medicare.

5. Laurie Morgan
Senior Consultant & Partner at Capko and Morgan

As per Laurie’s views, the U.S. healthcare will see an overall advancement of technology that will, in turn, increase the efficiency of delivery. Cash flow is also set to improve by increased use of pre-authorizations, online scheduling and mobile payments.

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