Why You Should Outsource Radiology Billing Only to a Competent RCM Vendor

September 15,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

In modern times, the healthcare industry has been facing a lot of transition with changing regulations that are impacting the world of medical service providers in all attributes. Radiology service providers are no exception! In fact, their billing needs are unique than the others and need effective measures that match specific diagnosis standards as set by the payers. A lot of RCM companies look to complement the present day needs of the radiology service providers with their effective solutions in revenue cycle management.

One of the key aspects of radiology billing is to maintain transparency with reduction of risks in compliances as well as implement a methodology that is customized helping radiology vendors to improve on their bottom-line. The holistic approach provided with expert intervention and ICD-10 standard practices in interventional, nuclear, diagnostic, oncology radiology segments helps to optimize and eliminate errors in the claims submission process. They also provide their best in class analysis and clean up services that reduce the burden of accounts receivable significantly while generating feasible ROI with viable business dividends.

Another important aspect is the excellent workflow management that is implemented with process excellence by integrating expert personnel that understands radiology services and its claims adjudication priorities. Minimizing denials of claims with extensive routing, reporting, and management expedite flow of cash with better business finances in place. Excellent account management skills and a keen focus on aging accounts helps in reduction of underpayments ensuring enhanced margins.

 Also, the vendors invest in advanced technology as well as software that are dedicated to radiology helping in significant reduction of TAT in payables. The certified medical billers and coders constantly upgrade themselves with excellent evaluation systems in place. The RCM vendors focus on improving their resources skill-set helping radiology service providers improve their billing and denial management methods as well as reduce burden in-house and focus better on care management solutions.


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