How To Achieve Excellence in DME Billing Services

September 01,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

Healthcare industry is changing its dimensions with time and new regulations and legal bindings are acting as custodian of the patients in receiving the right form of treatment. It is particularly relevant in the case of DME billing services that require extensive understanding of the insurer’s claims adjudication process. Today, a lot of vendors are providing competitive solutions in DME billing services that are helping the providers address their core business needs in the best manner possible.

~ During DME billing, a lot of challenges are faced by providers right from the practice management process to accounts receivables realization.

~ Employing a revenue cycle management company proficient in healthcare segment will help you address you medical billing & coding needs in the best manner possible.

~ As a vendor, you are completely aware of the ICD-10 practices and ensuring the right CPT/HCPCS level II codes that will help you find an edge in your claims submission process.

~ It is found that almost 30% of DME Rx claims are incomplete while they are received first. A disciplined vendor will employ best in class resources that will help in the completion of the form in best proportions.

Also customized cyclical reporting of data at regular intervals that are customized to meet your top priorities is the need of the hour. A vendor that has demonstrated significant experience will implement best in class practices that will help with consistent collections with increased receivables in place.

End to end medical coding & billing on the basis of specialty is critical for DME billing services. Right from coding to payment reconciliation, you must have a streamlined process in place and a disciplined vendor will provide you manifold benefits for business excellence.

At the end, it can be concluded by observing that a competitive third party intervention, a vendor who has an equal amount of understanding of payor as well as provider practices will help you achieve financial accountability in your DME business.


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