The Hidden Merits of Remote Medical Coding Staffing You Should Know About

July 21,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

Medical coding can well be acclaimed as the benchmark of the entire billing process. In order to ensure the best output from your claims submission process, an astute understanding of the insurance company’s guidelines is an absolute must.

Two things need to be said in this context:

~ Constant updates & regulations are frequent in the healthcare industry that need careful adherence by the providers. The advent of ICD-10 & its implementation with required metrics demand a deep understanding of the right specifics in service, supplies & procedural codes. Remote medical coding staffing solutions have emerged as one of the pioneer remedies for providers in this respect.

~ We find a lot of vendors, especially in the RCM domain, who are providing solutions in staffing, especially those who have qualified as outsourcing solution providers. However, it is important to have an intuitive secondary research in place for selecting the right partner who can accelerate your coding best practices.

Some of the attributes that you must not overlook are:

HIPAA compliant coding: Remote medical coding staffing solutions that are provided by a prospective vendor must be 100% HIPAA compliant. They should have coders who have an extensive understanding of the coding practices & simultaneously understand the need to protect sensitive patient information in the right earnest that will give them transparency in claims submission.

Eradicating malpractices: To generate quick reimbursements, it is often seen that many companies use down-coding as well as up-coding that may soon be responsible for the downfall of the original provider. This kind of a coding practice lacks quality-adherence & downplays original treatment procedures that become evident with the Payers in the long run. Hence, eliminating these short-term tactics will be advantageous & you must have an understanding of their prevalent practices.

ICD-10 coding standards: Certified coders who have a 3600 perspective about ICD-10 CM, ICD-10 PCS., HCPCS Level II is the need of the hour! Top notch companies who are providing solutions in remote medical coding staffing must have a dedicated pool that can perform these tasks with sufficient expertise.

In the end, staying ahead of time with constant updates & new changes in coding terminology with in-house evaluation of the vendors is a visionary approach that can well be considered as a true merit.


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