How To Break The 90-Day Taboo In Inpatient Hospital Accounts Receivable

July 15,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

Managing of accounts receivable is a tedious job for the hospitals especially in the present scenario with multi specialty segments rising up. In-house employees of a provider are bogged down with the enormous pressure of initiating the right treatment as well as maintain a streamlined balance in claims submission & consequent reimbursements.

~ Often, it is been witnessed that major hospitals lack the specialized skill-set to innovate & get a disciplined best practice in place with inpatient hospital accounts receivable services.

~ As there are several loopholes in the denial management metrics, the reimbursements are not realized in the right manner on appropriate TAT. Majority employees lack the extensive understanding of the different facets of medical billing & comprehensive insight on the claims adjudication process of the insurance companies.

~ The lack of knowledge creates confusion in the payables & is detrimental to the financial health of the hospitals.

Outsourcing Serves Value!

Aging accounts are a serious problem as it increases the bad debts & consequently the risk factor of the organization. While they are already old & yield no results, organization staffs face critical problems in managing their recovery alongside the current accounts that might need immediate attention.

~ Effective account management in inpatient hospital accounts receivable can be arrived by finding a specialized RCM company in healthcare. Today, outsourcing has opened up serious opportunities in front of the providers to focus on their core activities & concentrate better on a financial strategy.

~ While the vendors offer attractive models of engagement with competitive pricing that reduces costs in-house, they also complement with better resources & effective methods that reduces time in accounts receivables with 90-day old accounts.

They also have a robust follow-up team in A/R who have specialized acumen in dealing with old accounts & generating consistent cash flow from them by implementing a transparent denial management method that is synchronized. Outsourcing can essentially be regarded as the cornerstone strategy that will allow hospitals resolve the challenges with old accounts.


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