How RCM Companies Help in Urgent Care Centers Billing

August 11,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

Healthcare industry is demystifying with time with newer practices & periodic changes in regulations. One of the critical aspects that need to be addressed with Urgent Care centers billing is to ensure a consistent flow of cash with smooth accounts receivable management in place. However, it is often observed that the in-house billing team finds it quite difficult to manage accounts in a proper manner due to the diverse rules & regulations set up by healthcare insurers.

~ Urgent care centers have a huge responsibility of maintaining harmony with a patient-centric model in place. But the increasing burden of current as well as aging accounts creates a challenge for them to maintain the required synchronicity.

~ It is precisely for this reason that we find a lot of players in the healthcare revenue cycle management outsourcing segment. They bring with them an extensive understanding of Payer processes that help them keep a proper balance with effective measures in place.

~ It has also been observed with the recent shift to the ICD-10 standard that medical coding has become more specific. Urgent care medical coding is very diverse and requires more precision from the medical coders.

~ They have to stay ahead, constantly upgrading their knowledge and honing their skills. Also, the maintenance of HIPAA compliance is of prime significance. A professional Urgent Care billing company provides the desired assurance in this regard, ensuring a consistent ROI for the healthcare provider as a result.

A/R follow-up is also a multidimensional segment & effective account management skills are a must, especially for Urgent Care Centers. A prominent outsourcing vendor in revenue cycle management will ensure that all the key areas are well covered. They will have a dedicated team who will do frequent follow-ups and maintain the individual deadlines of timely filing limit & appeals timely filing limit with the concerned insurers. They help in the management of aging accounts in a holistic manner that ultimately helps the Urgent Care Centers earn noteworthy dividends in the long run.


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