Effective Urgent Care Billing Tips You Should Know

August 15,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

As healthcare industry is becoming more advanced with the rapid use of technology & changes in regulations, urgent care centers are becoming more accessible to patients. More healthcare providers are entering the segment of urgent care to provide effective care management solutions on a diverse scale.

Urgent care centers billing is also evolving with time & managing it efficiently can be challenging. One of the key aspects that need to be adhered to in any healthcare practice is maintaining the confidentiality of patient information according to HIPAA regulations.

Also, insurance companies have a specific set of processes to be followed during claims adjudication that has to be taken care of for effective denial management. It is precisely for this reason, a lot of companies are working as revenue cycle management partners today for healthcare providers, and urgent care centers are no exception. To achieve business efficiency, some critical urgent care billing tips that need to be followed today are:

Effective management of accounts: A coherent approach in handling current and aging accounts has to be followed. Focus should always be on the aging accounts that have to be readdressed within the ‘appeals timely filing limit’. It ultimately reduces bad debt and simultaneously improves the overall transparency in accounts receivable.

Disciplined claims submission: Excellent coding practices are an indispensable part of urgent care centers billing. Urgent care medical coding must comply with ICD-10 standards today and follow the right metrics with procedural & diagnostic codes. It will automatically reduce errors in the billing and lead to cleaner claims.

The right partner: One of the best possible advantages that urgent care centers have today is an abundance of companies providing quality solutions in revenue cycle management. They are providing competitive solutions in urgent care centers billing that will surely help the providers focus on a patient-centric model and simultaneously improve their fiscal outcome in the long run.


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