Does Your Business Need to Outsource Urgent Care Centers Billing?

August 12,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

Let’s try to understand the urgent care centers billing in the U.S. and identify their process loopholes. The inconsistent approach in billing often takes a toll on their finances. In recent years, urgent care centers have seen a steep growth in terms of value and volume. But, their medical billing priorities are still striving for accuracy and stability.

On a positive scale, urgent care centers have a very strong patient-centric base, and it is strategically aimed for patient convenience. Their focus is on getting more patients in and out quickly.  For better accounts receivable, the business strictly needs to be intervened by the urgent care billing companies to walk the extra mile with shining finances.

It’s good news! Don’t get frustrated by the complex nature of urgent care centers billing involving stringent procedures. For seamless navigation, third-party Urgent care billing Solutions Company will make a difference.

To maximize your reimbursements, it is necessary to follow and implement the process in the right manner:

Timely coding - In urgent care centers, medical coding plays a very significant role. Coding procedures correctly and legally maximize your reimbursement for services. Coders should code your charts and have claims submitted within 48 hours of services being rendered complying with ICD-10 specifications.

Effective account management – Focus should be on better account management with a perfect balance. Aging accounts should be given top priority for adhering to respective insurance company’s guidelines in regards to timely & appeals filing limit to better denial management.

Training on documentation – In all urgent care clinics, providers must vehemently understand the technicalities of proper documentation. Failing to provide with proper documentation, your claim tends to be rejected or denied.  Additionally, providers should make sure any information recorded by a member of the nursing staff is accurate.

It is a fact that with the evident complexities, your urgent care business needs to be mediated by the outsourcing companies to set the bill properly. Training & process evaluation at all levels help to receive the maximum reimbursement you deserve.


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