Salient Benefits of Outsourcing in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

August 01,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

It is true that with changing dynamics in healthcare, revenue cycle management, conducted in a disciplined manner, has assumed a position of pivotal significance to all healthcare providers. Maintaining a 360 degree perspective with careful adherence to the insurance company’s claims adjudication process should be the prime focus for every practice irrespective of their magnitude of rendering treatment to patients. To be precise, revenue cycle management can be termed as the entire process of claims management, processing of the payments as well as generation of revenue in the right manner.

~ It will start right from the scheduling of appointment to the closure of the account with nil balance. Having a strategic vision that is transparent is indispensable to the financial health of a provider. However, the challenge remains in implementation of the right checks & balances that will ensure a hassle-free reimbursement from the insurers.

~ Also providers have to maintain harmony with care management solutions & generation of the revenue with complete quality adherence. It is found that in-house capacities of an organization are often incapable to resolve the different aspects in denial management in coherence to insurer guidelines. They lack the intuitive understanding of the best practices that does not allow a provider secure payment in right proportions.

Outsourcing Accelerates Growth!

Today, there are a number of companies in the outsourcing domain who are providing quality solutions to a number of vendors in revenue cycle management. One of the key attributes that they are offering is a cutting-edge solution that is competitive, with attractive flexibility in pricing.

~ They also have extensive understanding of the claims adjudication process of the insurers that help them monitor the insurance verification to accounts receivables in the right spirit.

~ Moreover, they have robust processes with dedicated experts that handle each segment of medical billing, coding as well as possess exclusive A/R follow-up team that can transform collections.

They help in reduction of TAT in current as well as aging accounts with innovative measures & process automation. Also, HIPAA compliance & secrecy of sensitive information of patients are maintained in the right perspective. Lastly, their models of engagement helps in reduction of costs within a practice considerably helping them focus on their core competencies in the right earnest with a feasible ROI in place.


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