How To Achieve Accuracy in Home Healthcare Billing Services

August 19,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

One of the key challenges today with the healthcare industry is the ever-changing perceptions & evolving mindsets of the consumers. Patients today look for convenience & easy access with the rapid evolution of technology & associated infrastructure. Home healthcare services have emerged as an excellent solution for both providers & patients.

~ While patients get value-added treatments at the comfort of their homes, providers also can continue treatment for longer durations without compromising on inpatient requirements that have to be attended on a priority basis.

~ However, managing home healthcare billing can be a tiring job for the individual practices for diverse reasons. One of the key aspects is the management of claims submission with correct procedural guidelines in coding that is a must for HME for getting the required reimbursements in place.

Home healthcare denial management also is subject to many incompetent measures taken by the billing offices. A major flaw will be a disciplined strategy to eradicate any loopholes during the appeals filing limit. Keen focus towards aging accounts that are increasing the bad debts of your organization has to be attended first so that reduction of TAT in your accounts receivable is done with transparency.

Another important measure of your best practices in home health care management will be ensuring medical billing & consequent submissions in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Today, management of sensitive patient information with complete secrecy & accountability is of prime significance.

Unless you have best in class processes in place that exhibits right security measures, you are less likely to receive a consistent reimbursement in the long run.

Lastly, an intervention of a forerunner company in revenue cycle management can help your home healthcare billing greatly. They will implement sound tactics that will help in generation of cash flow within your organization. You will also benefit from the extensive knowledge & skill-set that the resources of your vendor will provide that will ensure business profitability & excellence in your care management priorities.


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