Salient Advantages of Free Accounts Receivable Analysis for Healthcare Providers

August 10,2016 / By Josh Knoll

Josh Knoll

Keeping accounts receivable in check is one of the critical jobs that have to be performed by providers in the healthcare segment on a consistent basis. One of the key attributes that needs to be adhered to by the practices is maintaining strict HIPAA compliance. Another important aspect that every Provider has to ensure is developing a comprehensive understanding of the insurance company’s claims adjudication process. It is true that maintaining harmony with current as well as aging accounts mandates a specialized skill-set that needs to be forged in the right manner.

~ There are a lot of RCM companies who are providing essential outsourcing services today, helping providers gain a sustainable financial subsistence from their businesses. However, they provide a certain value addition that can make a true difference for their clients.

~ Adopting an analytical and consulting mindset can be a great proposition. This is evident in such services as accounts receivable audits and denial status inquiries. A detailed report of the findings can help a provider understand the loopholes in their revenue cycle management process.

~ Also, it helps an outsourcing vendor to showcase their best practices before entering into a business alliance, thereby improving their brand value in the marketplace. It is particularly helpful for an urgent care provider who is benefitted immensely by the clarity in urgent care accounts receivable collection & how they implement sound accounts management process for a consistent ROI.

Another important attribute that warrants a mention is how a provider, utilizing a proven methodology, can eradicate inconsistencies in their insurance claims handling process. As there is no compulsion of entering into a partnership (that may or may not turn out to be useful), they can understand their present practices better in the light of an outsourcing vendor who will give them a 360 degree perspective with their disciplined analysis.


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