May 09,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
A closer look at what makes medical coding such a brilliant career choice.
May 04,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
An introspection of the prevalent malpractices in prior authorization, its consequent impact on the Provider’s business health and insights into an[--]
April 11,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Top reasons to consider exchanging your unpaid invoices for cash with accounts receivable purchasing services.
April 05,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Thinking of selling your accounts receivable for hard cash? Here are 3 top reasons to go for it!
March 21,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Guidelines to help you reduce errors and cut denials in Orthotics & Prosthetics billing.
March 02,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Whether you are a medical biller wishing to improve your craft, or somebody simply planning to hire one, here are the top 3 characteristics of a good[--]
February 04,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Noted market research firms and domain experts have predicted diversified essentials that will lead the healthcare sector.
January 13,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
2016 is believed to witness many innovations, increasing outsourcing services, and gearing up to make accounts receivable management stronger increasing[--]
December 22,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Higher collection rates lead to a healthy revenue flow. Tips on how to improve them.
December 15,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Inexpensive and efficient home healthcare always soothes and heals patients more speedily.
December 11,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
The paradigm shift of ICD may throw some challenges in the healthcare business.
December 10,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Sun Knowledge bags the prestigious 'Highest New Job Creator (IT/ITES) of the Year' for 2015.
December 02,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Managing denial in an apt approach for successful RCM.
December 01,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Discover how the Internet of Things is helping to digitize and re-structure healthcare data.
November 20,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Monetary reforms in healthcare services is certainly a consumer-centric decision to be applauded.
November 18,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Don't burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, outsource medical billing for quality data driven insights with proper tools and technology.
November 12,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
New insurance users should study explanation of benefits (EOB) carefully to not get trapped in financial turmoil.
November 10,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
The definition of Revenue Cycle Management or RCM is the procedure of managing your office’s claims processing, compensation and profit generation.
November 03,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
HMO and PPO plans are reinventing healthcare system through different cost-effective services and premiums.
October 26,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
A critical three-tiered look at the US Health Care system.
August 21,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
An investigation into the virtues and vices of the US health care system.
June 30,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
A closer look at the wide range of Medical Claims and Prescription Drug (PDP) Claims Administration services provided by Sun Knowledge

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