August 18,2017 /By Josh Knoll
One of the pain areas in managing day to day activities in DME billing is to set the right benchmark with quality practice management. Eligibility[--]
August 17,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Streamlining your DME billing remains a pertinent challenge for the providers especially with the changes in the federal regulations. The technology[--]
August 16,2017 /By Josh Knoll
If you are looking for a reliable partner that will standardize the entire process of Urgent Care billing for you, reach out to Sun Knowledge. We are a[--]
August 15,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Improving on your prior authorization with specialized vendors that understands the claims adjudication mandates is the need of the hour. If you are[--]
August 07,2017
Sun Knowledge has been providing cutting edge revenue cycle management services over the years to leading providers across diverse specialties. In the[--]
July 27,2017
If you are looking for a serious transformation is your DME billing, Sun Knowledge will be your go to destination. Currently, we are serving more than[--]
July 18,2017
It is true that as a DME provider, it is important for you to enhance your processes and automate your billing efforts for improved reimbursements.[--]
July 06,2017 /By Josh Knoll
A good medical coder plays a crucial role in the revenue cycle process, and so they are essential to the financial success of a high-functioning medical[--]
July 03,2017 /By Josh Knoll
As automation continues to penetrate the healthcare industry, more and more providers are searching for innovative technologies to transform their[--]
June 23,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Automation in processes, a clear strategy to generate more revenue should be your idea. Maximizing on your compliance activities will only better your[--]
June 15,2017 /By Josh Knoll
If you are looking for a complete end to end revenue cycle support with efficient practice management for your urgent care, Sun Knowledge is your one[--]
June 05,2017 /By Josh Knoll
The federal mandates are quite evident. As a medical provider, you will have to set the standards with transparency in your services prices. The[--]
June 01,2017 /By Josh Knoll
As a medical practice, it is important for you to set the stone with consistent accounts payable that will help you stand with a competitive edge. Over[--]
May 25,2017
Elevated practice management standards that meet the payer mandate is the need of the hour for the healthcare providers. The complexities across the[--]
May 22,2017 /By Josh Knoll
The complexities in the federal mandates are looking quite apprehensive. Healthcare providers need to be more certain with their medical billing[--]
May 19,2017 /By Josh Knoll
One of the biggest challenges for any provider is to find a quality medical billing partner that can help in generating consistent reimbursements. The[--]
May 18,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Transparency in provider pricing, a clear understanding of the claims adjudication priorities of the payers is going to be hugely important for a[--]
May 15,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Managing practice management can be a hectic challenge for a DME provider these days. The complexities in the federal mandates and more emphasis on[--]
May 10,2017 /By Josh Knoll
The generation of claims of the work performed by the physicians is professional billing. Physician billing is different from hospital billing and DME.[--]
April 28,2017 /By Josh Knoll
The delivery system of healthcare is changing every day with state of the art platforms that stand out with their secure sharing of information. Fast,[--]
April 26,2017 /By Josh Knoll
To manage ambulance billing, it is important to find a specialized team that understands complete revenue cycle management that includes optimized[--]
April 19,2017 /By Josh Knoll
It is always pertinent to find a simple remedy to your medical billing meeting the unique demands of your practice. Every existing challenge will need[--]
April 04,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Already a decade in the healthcare industry, Sun Knowledge can well be considered as one of the pioneer solution providers of medical billing and[--]
March 30,2017 /By Josh Knoll
It is a proven fact that every year medical practices are losing a huge amount of money due to lack of quality measures in prior authorization services.[--]
March 28,2017 /By Josh Knoll
The demographic roadmap is quite favorable for the DME world. Manufacturers will be getting a congenial environment and the ones that match technology[--]
March 27,2017 /By Josh Knoll
With every passing year, the costs involving prior authorization are becoming a nuisance for the healthcare providers. Ensuring the right processes that[--]
March 23,2017 /By Josh Knoll
A medical coder will also use results of the lab, medical records and even the transcribed notes of the physicians to determine the codes carried out[--]
March 15,2017 /By Josh Knoll
The healthcare industry is offering excellent opportunities for many professionals. Careers in medical coding are quite dynamic as practices, medical[--]
March 06,2017 /By Josh Knoll
The aging population is a serious contributor to the rise in home health care services. There is a serious use of telemedicine in connecting older[--]
March 03,2017 /By Josh Knoll
According to the prominent organizations gathered in Orlando, Florida for the HIMSS (Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society) annual[--]
February 28,2017 /By Josh Knoll
It is true that the ongoing changes in the healthcare industry demand a practice to hire and use dedicated resources that will manage urgent care[--]
February 22,2017 /By Josh Knoll
The number of reasons including drug interactions and need of medical necessity is a salient point to be considered during prior authorization. The[--]
February 17,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Ensuring quality checks and balances and a comprehensive prior authorization process that validates the insurance coverage is critical in orthotics and[--]
February 14,2017 /By Josh Knoll
It is true that with every delayed day, medical claims that sit in the system of the payer makes it challenging for a practice, facility or the[--]
February 08,2017 /By Josh Knoll
It is important to note that cost effective measures are an important benchmark that every modern practice will look to achieve. They will look for[--]
February 07,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Insurance billing will be seriously looking for a transformation. Healthcare providers will be looking for any interesting transition that will be[--]
February 06,2017 /By Josh Knoll
The healthcare industry will be looking for evolved technology solutions helping them in improving their revenue cycle. One of the key aspects that[--]
February 03,2017 /By Josh Knoll
How to rectify your eligibility verification process? What will be the immediate need for you to reduce time in getting your first time PA requests? Do[--]
February 02,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Over the years, the company has been the preferred choice with major payers helping them in their claims adjudication process. They excel in end to end[--]
February 01,2017 /By Josh Knoll
Sun Knowledge takes pride in its references from esteemed healthcare companies that have used their cutting edge platforms for consistency in the[--]
December 29,2016 /By Natalie Simpson
Outsourced billers are experts in their domain. They are the ones who can make sure that a company receives the fastest payouts, by submitting correct[--]
December 22,2016 /By Natalie Simpson
There are professional billing and coding agencies that provide a wide range of services against incredibly low prices in medical billing services.[--]
December 19,2016 /By Natalie Simpson
Outsourcing medical billing is the one and only way to maintain complete control over your billing and your money. By hiring dedicated and highly[--]
December 05,2016 /By Natalie Simpson
With the advent of ICD 10, the probability of making mistakes in claim submission has increased. Therefore, one witnesses too many cases of[--]
November 30,2016 /By Natalie Simpson
Prior authorization is one of the most challenging areas in billing for ophthalmology practices. Ask any ophthalmologist about his chief deterrent in[--]
November 29,2016 /By Natalie Simpson
No matter how swift or sluggish our digestive system processes food, our metabolism is determined by the energy our cells absorb from the food we eat.[--]
November 23,2016 /By Natalie Simpson
The political, social and economic growth of any country depends on the healthy population engaged in productive activities. Over the past several[--]
November 18,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Confidentiality of patient information and transparency in treatment methods is of prime concern today with the federal norms. A good practice in[--]
November 17,2016 /By Natalie Simpson
Every insurance comprises a board of underwriters, and every plan has a list of medication which is covered under the plan. Not every drug prescribed by[--]
November 15,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Employing timely measures, checks with customized prior authorization complemented with excellent processes should be the road ahead. However,[--]
November 14,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Easing your billing and insurance challenges to deliver high-class solutions in physical therapy is a pain area that has to be addressed on priority! PT[--]
November 11,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Losing on productivity is one of major challenges for any physician practice. Providing better medical care is the objective! But complications in[--]
November 10,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Every year, dermatology practices prescribe thousands of prescriptions requiring Prior Authorization! Obtaining it is a challenge especially with the[--]
November 09,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Every year, practices lose millions of dollars that they can use for better infrastructure measures due to a result-driven prior authorization process.[--]
November 08,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Managing Prior Authorization is a pain area for providers with the changing landscape in US healthcare. Outsourcing of medical billing has been a[--]
November 07,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Ensuring quality practice management and health administration remain a challenge for a lot of providers & multi-specialty practices. Inpatient[--]
November 02,2016 /By Josh Knoll
The changing dynamics in US healthcare is creating a challenging environment for healthcare service providers. Radiology practices likewise will need a[--]
November 01,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Managing collections with Oncology services become challenging if the provider does not understand the ramifications with faulty medical claims. A[--]
October 28,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Outsourcing has provided an excellent bandwidth for the healthcare providers with their billing options. Medical billing has evolved with changes in[--]
October 27,2016 /By Josh Knoll
The changes in regulatory compliance's with US healthcare have already influenced providers. Today, a practice needs to abide by certain obligations and[--]
October 26,2016 /By Josh Knoll
The advent of ICD-10 practices requires better resource management in billing with the providers. Especially with Medical Coding, the right[--]
October 25,2016 /By Josh Knoll
A good portion of healthcare providers spend enormous amount of time & money to achieve transparency in medical claims. Specialty pharmacies need to[--]
October 24,2016 /By Josh Knoll
The momentum in US healthcare is quite unbelievable. If we take into account only the revenue cycle management needs of practices, a lot of changes are[--]
October 21,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Today, healthcare business is evolving with modern amenities and rapid changes in technology. A key aspect that needs mention is the advent of[--]
October 20,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Managing healthcare in urgent care can be exhausting if there is pending accounts receivable that needs proper benchmarking. Specialist attention should[--]
October 18,2016 /By Josh Knoll
It is true that there are immense business opportunities in healthcare today. One of the interesting channels of distribution lies between DME sales[--]
October 15,2016 /By Josh Knoll
There are enough changes happening in US healthcare that are worthy of praise. DME practices and the entire chain of manufacturing and distribution,[--]
October 14,2016 /By Josh Knoll
In the medical billing landscape, urgent care billing is one of the most painstaking jobs. Urgent care involves immediate attention, leaving little time[--]
October 10,2016 /By Josh Knoll
US healthcare has already witnessed a lot of changes with the intermittent changes in regulations. Secrecy in patient information also makes matters[--]
October 06,2016 /By Josh Knoll
DME providers are greatly assisted by end to end solutions in revenue cycle management. They need feasible ROI in place that is possible with expert[--]
October 05,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Independent practice associations are an entity with physicians or practitioners that contracts with multi specialty practices providing services to[--]
October 04,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Present day medical coders must have an innate understanding of the ICD-10 practices. Coding is evolving with time and proper specifications with[--]
October 03,2016 /By Josh Knoll
A lot of companies are providing competitive solutions in healthcare revenue cycle management. Outsourcing has evolved as an effective solution for the[--]
September 30,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Also, especially in radiation oncology, you need to have the right coding standards today with ICD-10 that is comprehensively achieved by partnering[--]
September 29,2016 /By Josh Knoll
The legitimacy of the bill is achieved with the correct submission of claims with proper insurance verification and enrollment details. They avoid[--]
September 27,2016 /By Josh Knoll
One of the critical aspects of any payer support service will be to analyze the proven expertise, the level of education and exposure to the medical[--]
September 26,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Today, a lot of US healthcare are based on regulations for insurance and claims. It is a known fact that premium and CMS subsidy with its generation of[--]
September 23,2016 /By Josh Knoll
A lot of RCM companies in healthcare outsourcing are extending their expertise to the MSO‘s across the country. While they have an excellent[--]
September 22,2016 /By Josh Knoll
The best thing that modern healthcare revenue management companies are providing is helping the TPA’s eliminate loopholes to gain business dividends.[--]
September 21,2016 /By Josh Knoll
They offer an entire gamut of services right from vendor credentialing and claims management services allowing sanctity in US healthcare. However,[--]
September 20,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Third party administrator looks to provide facilities that processes claims simultaneously for the corporate policies and the retail. An insurance[--]
September 19,2016 /By Josh Knoll
The revenue cycle management companies in healthcare implements sound processes that reduce TAT wit correct methodology and excellent denial management[--]
September 15,2016 /By Josh Knoll
In modern times, the healthcare industry has been facing a lot of transition with changing regulations that are impacting the world of medical service[--]
September 14,2016
The advent of ICD-10 practice has imposed new challenges for the health practices especially radiology service providers. To improve on the bottom-line,[--]
September 09,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Process automation with best practices implemented by the vendors helps the radiology service providers gain business dividends with better charge[--]
September 08,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Outsource medical billing is the buzzword today as numerous providers irrespective of their specialties are looking to partner with competent revenue[--]
September 06,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Implementing the best practices in hospital accounts receivable is one of the biggest challenges faced by providers. It is true that changes in federal[--]
September 02,2016 /By Josh Knoll
It is also important to note that third party providers are providing stand-alone services in healthcare revenue cycle management services that will[--]
September 01,2016 /By Josh Knoll
It is particularly relevant in the case of DME billing services that require extensive understanding of the insurer’s claims adjudication process.[--]
August 31,2016 /By Josh Knoll
One of the key aspects for any healthcare provider is maintaining harmony in your accounts receivable priorities. Many healthcare providers today lack[--]
August 30,2016 /By Josh Knoll
As healthcare industry is transforming with time, new changes are constantly impacting the world of providers. One of the key aspects is to achieve[--]
August 29,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Every practice spends an enormous amount of resources with finances to achieve the needed momentum in their billing reimbursements. However, the[--]
August 26,2016 /By Josh Knoll
With great technology comes great responsibility. Today, all the healthcare professionals working within this digital infrastructure are expected to[--]
August 24,2016 /By Josh Knoll
We believe you have some strategies. They have helped you in designing effective care management solutions, building healthy clientele and offering[--]
August 23,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Accounts receivable clean-up services have gained enormous significance especially with providers who want to evolve their existing processes with[--]
August 22,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Hospital denial management has to abide by the individual regulations of the insurance companies and a close-knit approach is a key. However, you may[--]
August 19,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Effective management of accounts receivables is of great importance, as it streamlines cash flow and leads to sound financial health and flexibility of[--]
August 19,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Patients today look for convenience & easy access with the rapid evolution of technology & associated infrastructure. Home healthcare services have[--]
August 18,2016 /By Josh Knoll
The US Healthcare system has witnessed some dramatic changes in the past few years. In the recent scenario, there are chances that some Urgent Care[--]
August 17,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Though outsourcing medical billing necessities are not a new component in the U.S. healthcare spectrum, but it is observed, that the measure of[--]
August 16,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Today, we find a lot of companies who are looking to offer specialized services in healthcare revenue cycle management. It is true that managing a[--]
August 15,2016 /By Josh Knoll
More healthcare providers are entering the segment of urgent care to provide effective care management solutions on a diverse scale.
August 12,2016 /By Josh Knoll
On a positive scale, urgent care centers have a very strong patient-centric base, and it is strategically aimed for patient convenience.
August 11,2016 /By Josh Knoll
One of the critical aspects that need to be addressed with Urgent Care centers billing is to ensure a consistent flow of cash with smooth accounts[--]
August 10,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Keeping accounts receivable in check is one of the critical jobs that have to be performed by providers in the healthcare segment on a consistent basis.[--]
August 09,2016 /By Josh Knoll
One of the challenges that every practice faces is ensuring a smooth & hassle-free accounts receivable process that can help them secure financial[--]
August 05,2016 /By Josh Knoll
One of the key trends that are witnessed in the urgent care accounts receivable process is the frequent use of technology for better denial management.
August 03,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Urgent care centers have gained popularity among the patrons due to their proficiency in treating urgent conditions which need immediate medical[--]
August 01,2016 /By Josh Knoll
It is true that with changing dynamics in healthcare, revenue cycle management, conducted in a disciplined manner, has assumed a position of pivotal[--]
July 29,2016
One of the key aspects of their services is relieving the burden over the nursing homes helping them provide better service to their patients in all[--]
July 28,2016 /By Josh Knoll
The advent of numerous RCM companies in outsourcing has started taking major roles in providing medical billing services precisely for this reason.
July 27,2016 /By Josh Knoll
As healthcare industry is demystifying with time, adherence to medical coding is of prime significance for any provider. It is important to note in this[--]
July 26,2016 /By Josh Knoll
In the insurance claim reimbursement domain, the proper execution of DME billing can bring about an instant improvement in the revenue generated by a[--]
July 25,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Physician office has to deal with many a task & care management solutions should always be the prerogative of a disciplined provider.
July 22,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Challenges in medical billing services, especially with the insurgence of new updates & guidelines, often cripple the claims submission process for[--]
July 21,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Medical coding can well be acclaimed as the benchmark of the entire billing process. In order to ensure the best output from your claims submission[--]
July 20,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Outsourcing emerges as one of the most practical and effective ways to curb this menace. Medical coding – be it CPT, HCPCS or ICD-10 CM – requires[--]
July 15,2016 /By Josh Knoll
Often, it is been witnessed that major hospitals lack the specialized skill-set to innovate & get a disciplined best practice in place with inpatient[--]
July 14,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
It is true that healthcare industry has evolved with time & outsourcing truly has emerged as one of the standout strategic visions for the providers at[--]
July 13,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Providers today need to have the right focus with a patient centric model & also have a proper visionary approach with financial outcome.
June 20,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
The guide to accounts receivable recovery you've been waiting for!
June 17,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
The secrets that coding pros use for improved accuracy and quicker output.
June 13,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
It is important to note that while outsourcing medical coding services is not a new phenomenon, it has become extremely critical for providers these[--]
June 09,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
A closer look at how your healthcare business can benefit from outsourcing select services, such as prior authorization.
June 08,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
The quick guide for improving efficiency in medical coding.
June 06,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
The must-read primer on outsourcing prior authorization services to a specialist.
June 03,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
A close look at the advantages of hiring a remote medical coder for your healthcare business.
June 01,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Professional tips on improving accuracy in medical coding services for lower denial rates.
May 09,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
A closer look at what makes medical coding such a brilliant career choice.
May 04,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
An introspection of the prevalent malpractices in prior authorization, its consequent impact on the Provider’s business health and insights into an[--]
April 11,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Top reasons to consider exchanging your unpaid invoices for cash with accounts receivable purchasing services.
April 05,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Thinking of selling your accounts receivable for hard cash? Here are 3 top reasons to go for it!
March 21,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Guidelines to help you reduce errors and cut denials in Orthotics & Prosthetics billing.
March 02,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Whether you are a medical biller wishing to improve your craft, or somebody simply planning to hire one, here are the top 3 characteristics of a good[--]
February 04,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
Noted market research firms and domain experts have predicted diversified essentials that will lead the healthcare sector.
January 13,2016 /By Som Chaudhuri
2016 is believed to witness many innovations, increasing outsourcing services, and gearing up to make accounts receivable management stronger increasing[--]
December 22,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Higher collection rates lead to a healthy revenue flow. Tips on how to improve them.
December 15,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Inexpensive and efficient home healthcare always soothes and heals patients more speedily.
December 11,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
The paradigm shift of ICD may throw some challenges in the healthcare business.
December 10,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Sun Knowledge bags the prestigious 'Highest New Job Creator (IT/ITES) of the Year' for 2015.
December 02,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Managing denial in an apt approach for successful RCM.
December 01,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Discover how the Internet of Things is helping to digitize and re-structure healthcare data.
November 20,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
Monetary reforms in healthcare services is certainly a consumer-centric decision to be applauded.
November 12,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
New insurance users should study explanation of benefits (EOB) carefully to not get trapped in financial turmoil.
November 10,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
The definition of Revenue Cycle Management or RCM is the procedure of managing your office’s claims processing, compensation and profit generation.
November 03,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
HMO and PPO plans are reinventing healthcare system through different cost-effective services and premiums.
October 26,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
A critical three-tiered look at the US Health Care system.
August 21,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
An investigation into the virtues and vices of the US health care system.
June 30,2015 /By Som Chaudhuri
A closer look at the wide range of Medical Claims and Prescription Drug (PDP) Claims Administration services provided by Sun Knowledge

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